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Welcome to Love To Adventure. 

Here you'll find a range of Travel Journals, perfect  for camping style holidays!

One of my hobbies is travel - particularly camping style (although I'm not a tent lover!)

For years, my hubby and I have had a number of touring caravans, and
loved visiting sites around the UK with our two boys and jackapoo!

In 2021 we decided to take the plunge and do something we'd wanted to do for a long long time - convert a van into a campervan!
(This year I'm going to document our adventures over on our instagram page @its_a_smashcroft_thing)
So this is how my Travel Journal was more below.

After deciding we were going to do the conversion, we put a lot of time and energy into researching what we wanted and needed!  Firstly we selected our van - generally vans are used for work purposes, so finding a good condition van with reasonable mileage was a big task, but we finally found a lovely Renault Master, which ticked almost all our boxes!

We spent the colder months of 2022 stripping the van back to it's bare walls, and putting in a layout that worked for us - it's just me, hubby and our youngest boy now, as the older one is too cool to come with us now!  But we did manage to have it useable in 2022, and we had some breaks in Darlington, Whitby, Hartlepool, Lincoln, Otterington, and Scarborough, to mention just a few!

So this is how my Travel Journal was born.....I attempt to be organised when we travel, and I created this Journal so that all the information I needed, the booking reference, site name, address, check in/out times, travel itinerary and important contact details etc are all together. 

I also find that I can never remember what sites are like, or sometimes where we've been!  So I've included travel logs and ratings for your own use - great to look back and recall memories, but also answer those questions - Would we go back again? What facilities did they have? Was there an electric hook up?  Did the site have a bar or restaurant? Did we feel it was family friendly? etc.

Not having the car towing the carvan meant that we were even more limited to the amount we could pack.  I know from our own adventures that you've got to pack carefully and precisely, but now having a campervan, we've got even less space, because we've not got the back up boot space of a car, so I've included a packing checklist in the journal, to make sure packing is kept light!

Plus, I know from our experience food can be weighty and also take up a lot of space, so I've included a meal planner to make sure you're just taking the essentials.

And finally, within the Travel Journal you've got a 'Remember for next time' page, because there is ALWAYS something you forget!

I hope you'll find the Travel Journal useful, and I'd love to hear about your travels too!

Happy adventures!

Sam x

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