About Me

Hi, I'm Sam, I'm the owner of Love To Cherish, and I've been running my small business for almost 10 years!

I'm married with two boys, and a jackapoo called Pippa!  I work from home in my small 'stuido' (ok, it's our conservatory, but I've just about taken it over with pink and sparkle, and it's my space!)

I started Love To Cherish after being made redundant whilst I was pregnant with my youngest child.  I grasped the opportunity not to return to work so that I could stay at home and look after my boys.  I'd previously worked evening shifts after having my first son and I'd really felt that I'd missed out on bathtimes and bedtimes, not to mention missing time with my husband as we generally passed each other in the hallway as he came in from work and I went out to my evening job.

When I first started Love To Cherish it was just for a part-time income to allow me to be able to juggle being a mum whilst still earning.  Over the years as my boys have got older, Love To Cherish has evolved and grown into a full time role.  I've taken a number of different directions over the years, but I've finally found that I've been drawn into my love of parties (although I don't go to anywhere near enough of them!) and planning.

A huge part of my life is my slimming journey.  I started Slimming World in February 2015 and I've continued to go every week since (if you're into slimming, you can see my personal journey on instagram @slimming_sashy_sw, I'm not at target yet, but I'm not where I started either).  I've had ups and downs as all slimmers do, but now it's a lifestyle instead of a diet, and it's something that my whole family are on board with and we enjoy 'on plan' meals everyday. 

One thing I've always, always done on my slimming journey is to plan and track my meals.  It's something that's guided me through good weeks and bad, and after trying a number of different diaries, I couldn't find anything that was quite me!   

Now, I love stationery, I love colour and I love planning, and after 'sounding' out my family and some of my slimming friends, I was encouraged to go ahead and create my very own Slimming Diary, which I launched in January 2019.  
(I've also got plans to launch some other planners in 2019, so watch this space!!)

I love to travel around the UK with our little caravan when we can, I love having BBQs (when the British Weather permits!), I also love my family, Tea, Gin and Wine, although not always in that order!

Bye for now!
Sam x