About Me

Hi, I'm Sam, I'm the owner of Love To Cherish, and I've been running my small business since 2009!!

I'm married with two boys, and a jackapoo called Pippa!  I work from home in a gorgeous village called Ackworth near Pontefract.

I started Love To Cherish after being made redundant whilst I was pregnant with my youngest child.  I grasped the opportunity not to return to work so that I could stay at home and look after my boys.  I'd previously worked evening shifts after having my first son and I'd really felt that I'd missed out on bathtimes and bedtimes, not to mention missing time with my husband as we generally passed each other in the hallway as he came in from work and I went out to my evening job.

When I first started Love To Cherish it was just for a part-time income to allow me to be able to juggle being a mum whilst still earning.  Over the years as my boys have got older, Love To Cherish has evolved and grown into a full time role.  I've taken a number of different directions over the years.

I love making memories with my family and we love to get away when we can.  I also love Tea, Gin and Wine, although not always in that order!

Bye for now!
Sam x